Broughton Pianos

950% increase in online sales

  • Brand
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Paid advertising
  • Graphic design

The Brief

Broughton Pianos, the largest piano dealer in the Midlands, wanted to offer their customers a more user-friendly online experience. They wanted a platform that was flexible and scaleable to suit their business and growth plans and take a share of the online digital piano market and increase sales at a critical time for retail businesses.

The Plan

Create a new brand image for the client that matched their prestigious reputation. Design the website for both PC and Mobile to ensure a good user experience on all platforms. and ensure that the migration from Magento to Craft cms was seamless to avoid traffic loss.

Ecommerce design and Development.

We were confident that Craft commerce was the right platform for the client which would allow them to manage easily in house. Besides being flexible and easy to use it offers complete customisation to fulfil the bespoke design.


As a traditional business we wanted to create a brand that was appealing to the customer base, elevated in appearance and relevant to the industry.